Keycipher Enterprise

Simple Licensing System, But with Multiple and More Powerful Features

We provide software developers with a secure unprecedented level of protection for their applications.
This system is ready to use for productions. Several big companies and developers are using our service already.

Built for your workflow

Strong Protection

We are a secure licensing system that respects your privacy, all of your users informations are encrypted with AES256 when stored in our database.
Your information will be encrypted with public and private keys, so we cannot check any of your customer information.

Server Sided

Every element that is brought to your client-side application is checked by several private security methods on our servers.
All of the information is verified when being sent back to your client-sided application. We check for an active login server-sided as the server cannot be manipulated.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers have advanced mitigation and firewall protections.
Every panel is assigned to a certain server by the AID, this makes all of your requests blazing fast and divides resources being used by others connecting to the API.
If any server is down it will be routed to another one of our servers.

100% free. Even without any hidden fees.

We offer services without any restrictions. You can use our services for free anywhere, without worrying about licensing costs.

API Documentation

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