The Best Free and Open Anime RESTful API


With nearly limitless quota on requests, you have the freedom to create without the need of writing your own parsers.

This API provides anime metadata like MyAnimeList API and torrent data from Ohys-Raws.

This service is totally free. You can use for any purposes without the limitation.
The torrent database is updating every minute and the metadata database is updating every 15 days.

If too many requests are made your rate will be limited. This is to avoid DDoS attacks or loss of resources. (Current: 150 req / min, IP based)

NEW: If you're querying cached version of the content by CDN service, you will not get rate limited error.

All torrent information are provided by Ohys-Raws team.

You can search for what you want. Even content deleted from Ohys-Raws is available here.

You will able to get the completed information using this API, including title, episode, codecs, thumbnail, torrent trackers, resolution, detailed file information and much more.

API Usage (v2.x)

Base URL:

GET /{uniqueID}
GET /{uniqueID}/image
GET /{uniqueID}/episodes
GET /{uniqueID}/episodes/{episodeNumber}
GET /{uniqueID}/mappings
GET /{uniqueID}/studios
GET /{uniqueID}/producers
GET /{uniqueID}/licensors
GET /{uniqueID}/characters
GET /{uniqueID}/relations
GET /search/{animeName} (parameter: type (tv, ova, movie, etc...))


GET /{id}
GET /search/{name}


GET /{id}
GET /search/{name}


GET /{id}
GET /{id}/image
GET /search/{name}


GET /{id}
GET /download/{id} (parameter: format (torrent, magnet))
GET /search/{name}

Contributors and Links

Powered By Ohys-Raws. Database provided by Anime Notifier and MyAnimeList.


I am not the creator of torrents and I do not host torrents on the server.
Ohys-Raws Mirror API was created to mirror Ohys-Raws content.

So please contact Ohys-Raws if you have any questions.